Meeting my child, Africa’s highlight

Meeting Siphiwe, my World Vision sponsor child, was the unexpected highlight of my trip. I knew I was going to like it, but I didn’t realize just how much I was going to. Maybe I […]

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The A-maize-ing farmer

My morning started bright and early again to catch yet another bus. This day I was going to Chibombo to meet with the Rent To Own (RTO) field staff then head out to another farmers. […]

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A new view of Zambian women

When the NGO dropped me off at Doris’ place at the Zambia-Malawi border town of Chipata , I got a little nervous. As soon as we stopped, the taxi was surrounded by men speaking in […]

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Banana tree memories

The second day at the Mwanza farm began at the crack of dawn – 6am. I would say it started with the birds, but I’m sure they had been up for hours already . . […]

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Vegetable farm life Zambia

My first assignment with the NGO, Rent To Own, was to document John Mwanza, a vegetable farmer who had used the company to obtain a diesel water pump. After a hot, smelly, six-hour ride on […]

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Don’t drink the water with the brandy

What is the number one rule when travelling? Well, I really wish I was better at following rules. At the end of my first day in Africa, after a really great day of exploring and […]

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Loooooong flights, finally arrived!

So, after a 13 hour flight from Toronto to Adis Ababa, Ethiopia, then a three hour flight from there to Harare, Zimbabwe, and a 45-minute flight, I finally arrived in Lusaka, Zambia. The flights were […]

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Hello world!

This is my very first blog post EVER! Getting ready to depart to Zambia in two days. Super anxious. Stay tuned for stories and photos!

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